OPENING SOON! FREEWORLD factory near Chennai.

About Us

To discover the best granites that the quarries in South India could provide and to share the world-class results with the rest of the world, 16 years ago, an idea was born out of an unyielding and fixed world. This idea later developed into becoming one of the leader exporters of granite blocks in India now famously known as FreeWorld Exports Private Limited.

A small company that started off as traders of rough blocks is today the largest traders of rough block granites in India. The directors S. Ramesh and R. Shankar are the two men behind the success of this company which has now grown beyond all expectations. The company exports reach more than five countries operating from seven branch offices across South India, with representatives stationed in other key areas. Also facilitating shipment procedures through strategically placed representatives at all the major ports in South India, thorough quality check and assurance of correct delivery of blocks are efficiently carried out.