OPENING SOON! FREEWORLD factory near Chennai.


  • How do you ship your products?
    The shipment of the product is customer’s choice. The shipment or packing is done either by break bulk or by containers. The maximum capacity of a container is 25 tons.
  • What is the average delivery time of the product?
    While we strive to deliver our products to the customers at the earliest, it largely depends upon the destination.
  • What are the basic shipment terms?
    CFR / CNF terms are used for all monument-type materials and FOB India for all construction-type materials.
  • What are the terms of payment?
    Payments can be made in two procedures:

    • 100 % at Sight Irrevocable Letter of Credit (or)
    • 100 % through advance telegraphic transfer (TT payment)
  • What are the sizes of materials available?
    Construction materials come in two different sizes, big ones measuring 240 cms X 120 cms & up, and small ones at 240 cms X 120 cms and below.For Japanese Monuments (black granite materials):

    0.250 CBM & up

    0.500 CBM & up

    1.000 CBM & up

    1.500 CBM & up
  • What is the allowance for each side of the block?
    They are 5 cms for Black granites for monuments & 10 cms for construction materials.
  • Here are a few general details about granites.
    Hardness: Granites can have hardness as much as 70% of that of a diamond.

    Absorption: Granites may have an absorption rate as low as 0.01%.

    Chemical Neutrality: Granites are unaffected by most acids or caustic agents.

    Heat Resistant: Granites are not harmed by hot pots or pans.

    Cleanliness: Polished surfaces of granites are easier to keep clean.

    Colors: Granites come in multitudes of colors and patterns.

    Sizes: Large blocks are available.

    Price: Granites are more economical than solid synthetics.