OPENING SOON! FREEWORLD factory near Chennai.


S Ramesh – Director – Post Graduate

R Shankar – Director – Graduate

The team comprises of four master geologists who are in charge of mining operation and quality control. These members are also responsible for quarry in charge. A number of supervisors, each a graduate or a diploma holder, work under them to handle and manage day-to-day operations of the quarry. The experiences and skills they have gained over the years show in their professional outlook.

Apart from the supervisors who monitor the activities of the quarry, there are many well-trained machine operators and their assistants who help the team in reaching achievable goals. While we strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the operation, we also follow strict guidelines not to employ any minors below the age group of 16 years.

There is a separate team of quality control inspectors assisting our foreign customers and buyers who visit here for inspection. Their inspection includes regular visits to various other quarries and our own quarries for our customers who cannot visit India to examine the blocks.

Customer Care: Freeworld is committed towards serving its valuable customers and hospitality plays a vital role in our customer care department. Right from picking up our clients from the airport to the point when they go back to their country, our dedicated team is working round the clock to ensure quality service and comfort.

Legal Department: Our various legal procedures and documentation of the company are skillfully handled by a team of dedicated and well-qualified lawyers.

Export Department: All forms of communication and documentation of our customers are handled proficiently by a team of qualified members who takes care of the export department and assist in maintaining a balanced rapport with our customers.

Finance Department: The strength of the organization rests upon our established finance team which is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping track of all payments, dues and other critical financial requirements.